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Western Tube Introduces Labor Saving Solutions

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Did you know Western Tube could help save you time and money?

Check out what they have to offer:

SmartSet EMT With Built-In Set Screw Coupling

Features an engineered steel set screw coupling on one end so you can work smarter- saving you time and money on every job. No need to purchase, inventory, and install separate couplings!

SmartCompression EMT

Pre-installed compression coupling saves time on every job where compression couplings are specified or preferred. No need to fumble with loose couplings that have to be tightened individually. With SmartCompression EMT, just connect and tighten! Plus, smooth ID coating allows for faster wire pulling.

SpeedCouple Pre-Installed Swivel Coupling

Connects conduit much faster and cuts material costs by as much as 50%, compared with three-piece couplings. Just turn SpeedCouple, not the conduit. SpeedCouple is available on rigid metal conduit (RMC) and intermediate metal conduit (IMC).

For more information about Western Tube's labor-saving products, please contact your Electra Sales representative, or visit Western Tube online at


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