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Streamline Defrost Timer Installations With Intermatic's DTAV40 Series

The DTAV40 Series Commercial Refrigeration Defrost timers from Intermatic streamlines installation and eliminates the need to have multiple different types of defrost timers or defrost timer housings. Whether you want an electromechanical clock that automatically detects the input voltage without the use of a dip switch/selector pins or you want an electronic time switch that automatically detects any voltage between 120 VAC and 240 VAC, the DTAV40 is what you are looking for. The DTAV40 is applicable to air defrost (compressor shutdown) and electric or hot gas defrost systems where the defrost is terminated by a timer or a temperature or pressure switch. The time termination functions as a fail-safe and terminates the defrost cycle if the temperature or pressure switch fails to do so. For more information, contact your Electra Sales of Texas or Oklahoma representative or visit Intermatic online at


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