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Stay safe with Midwest Electric and the MEPSPD1.

For Electra Sales of North Texas customers, Midwest Electric offers a great option to ensure your safety with their UL-Listed surge protection devices.

MEPSPD1 is a Type 1 SPD designed for residential applications with electrical systems from 120/240 and 120/208 Volts AC. MEPSPD1 can be installed with load centers of any brand at the service entrance or sub-panel locations. Check out some of its features below!

🔅Versatile design - Install with load centers of any brand and protect sensitive electronics throughout the entire house

🔅 Code compliant - The MEPSPD1 meets industry standard surge ratings that meet the requirements for new home construction and renovation

🔅 Contractor friendly- Installation is quick and easy in any usable knockout, without taking up breaker spaces!

Sound like the right solution for you? Contact your local Electra Sales representative or visit Midwest online at for more information!


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