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The new Plus Series line of isolated power by PG Lifelink is sure to meet all your demands.

We are excited to introduce the new Plus Series line of isolated power by PG Lifelink! 🙌 The new Plus Series accommodates the hospital-isolated power needs of the future with unique features that provide flexibility to meet the demands of today's operating rooms.

The PG Lifelink Plus Series introduces:

SafeDetec: All digital line isolation monitors are developed using advanced filtering and measurement techniques to accommodate and adapt to current and future equipment.

IPP-P: Isolated Power Panel

IPX-P: Duplex Isolated Power Panel

IPD-P: Dual Voltage Output Isolated Power Panel

IPL-P: Laser Isolated Power Panel

Want to learn more? Reach out to your local Electra Sales representative of North Texas or Oklahoma, or visit PG Lifelink online directly at


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