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PG LifeLink's Enhanced Isolated Power Panels Eliminate the Danger of Electrical Shock

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas and Oklahoma customers, Enhanced Isolated Power Panels from PG LifeLink are designed to supply uninterrupted power in the event of one line-to-ground fault while eliminating the danger of electrical shock, making them a crucial part of any operating room. If a fault does occur, an alarm will sound but power will still be supplied to critical equipment.

Enhanced Isolated Power Panels provide multiple features that increase convenience and usability. Such features include a smaller panel height for increased space, top-mounted transformers for improved heat management, an eye-level door-mounted Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) for ease of access, a flush-mounted door lock, and concealed hinges.

To learn more about Enhanced Isolated Power Panels, contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative or visit PG LifeLink online at


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