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NightFox Photocontrols From Intermatic

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

As outdoor lighting projects shift to integrate new LED fixtures, many professionals are overlooking a crucial aspect of photocontrol installations: choosing a control that is specifically designed to support LED. This small but important oversight often leads to unexpected maintenance costs that are otherwise avoidable.

To solve this issue, Intermatic developed its NightFox™ Series of Photocontrols.

NightFox Photocontrols feature:

  • Designed to match the long-life expectancy of LED fixtures

  • Maintenance-free installations with a control solution tested and warrantied to match life expectancy of LED fixtures

  • Made for 10- to 20-year life with capabilities like zero-cross switching technology conformal coated PCB assemblies and 2, 6, 8 A electronic ballast/LED driver ratings

  • Tested at full load to 5, 10, and 15 k ON/OFF cycles with NEMA 410 in-rush load abilities

  • Extended warranties that validate our testing by backing products with up to 12-year warranties

Make the switch to NightFox Electronic Photocontrols and stay worry-free with LED.


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