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Midwest's Heavy Duty Switches Provide Superior Safety, Reliability, and Endurance Performance

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, Midwest Electric's Heavy Duty (Type MH) switches provide superior safety, reliability, and endurance performance.

To ensure ultimate safety, these Heavy Duty switches feature:

- Highly visible ON/OFF label

- Direct-drive, quick-make, quick–break mechanism "snaps" the contacts open and closed, providing a positive ON/OFF indication

- Highly visible, easy-to-grip upgraded "donut" handle ideal for hook stick operation. It accepts three padlocks in the OFF position

- Coin-proof, defeatable dual interlocks

- Visible confirmation of plated blades provide visible confirmation of contact position

- Spring-reinforced fuse clips that assure reliable contact for cool operation. Suitable for Class H, K, J, or R fuses

Learn more by visiting Midwest online at or by contacting your Electra Sales of North Texas representative!


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