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Intermatic Introduces Low-Profile Shorting Cap and Low-Profile Open Cap

With installations of photocontrols on the rise, municipalities, utilities, commercial businesses, and building owners require simple, cost-effective ways to manage and protect their outdoor lighting fixtures. Intermatic recently released the all new low-profile shorting cap and low-profile open cap to not only provide a cost-effective solution, but also to provide long-term value and durable protection to end users without sacrificing aesthetics. Ideal for applications such as roadway lighting, security lighting, outdoor park lighting, and many other exterior lighting projects, both the shorting cap and the open cap have been designed to be locking-type plug connectors that protect outdoor fixtures and help drive photocontrol ON/OFF patterns in multi-fixture installations. These products are ANSI C136.10 code compliant, they blend in with existing fixtures while staying out of the way of any other connected equipment, the red and black colors align to industry color standards for quick identification, and they have a 2-year warranty. Learn more by visiting Intermatic online at or by contacting your Electra Sales of Oklahoma or North Texas representative!


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