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ILSCO's NIMBUS Pre-Insulated Connectors are Available in a Variety of Configurations

NIMBUS from ILSCO offers a wide variety of pre-insulated connectors, offering a broad selection of products to meet any electrical need.

The NIMBUS offering includes in-line, multi-tap, single, double, or multi-side entry, mountable, for motors, and high-density 2X for both code and flexible conductors. A multitude of configurations affords the installer the ability to select the right connector for the job.

ILSCO's patented screw design with an integrated locking washer improves vibration resistance, compresses the conductor without damage, and eliminates the need for a ferrule. These connectors are range-taking which helps reduce inventory for distributors and contractors and every conductor port is pre-filled with ILSCO De-Ox oxide inhibitor for high reliability and resistance to corrosion. Every NIMBUS conductor is UL Listed, CSA Certified, and dual rated for Copper Class - B and C and for Aluminum - Class B.

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