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ILSCO Offers the Most Compact Pin Adaptors on the Market With Their Flex2Code Pin Adaptors

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

ILSCO offers the most compact pin adaptors on the market with their Flex2Code Pin Adaptors. These pin adaptors are about 30% more compact than the competition which saves space inside electrical panels. They are specifically designed for copper conductors, the compression barrel accepts flex conductor for equipment rated to code conductor, and the pin is knurled for maximum grip and optimal contact area. These adaptors pins also save time because only one crimp is required to do the job and they are color-coded to enable easy compression die identification!

Additional features include being rated for power and grounding, they are supplied with an insulating cover, they are elctro-tin plated, they are cULus certified with over 50 tools, and they are UL listed.

For more information, contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas, Tennessee, or Texas representative or visit ILSCO online at


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