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Hard to Light Areas are Covered With LED Tape Lighting Kits From Task Lighting

Touch Dimmer LED tape lighting kits from Task Lighting are an easy solution to lighting difficult areas such as under a cabinet. LED tape allows for simple and quick installation due to an innovative design. The tape is peel and stick with a high-bond adhesive for secure installation, it is waterproof and protected against dirt and cleaning products, it is able to be cut to the inch for exact length, and there is not excess wire to hide and wire nuts are not needed. On top of this, this product is professional-grade UL listed. These kits include 16 ft. of tape lighting, plug-in power supply, on / off / touch dimmer switch, connectors, wire, adhesive promoter wipe, and even a multi-bit screwdriver. Contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma representative today or visit Task Lighting online at to learn more!


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