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Get a Clean Cut Every Time DEWALT's 20V MAX XR Brushless Cable Stripper

Stripping the jacket off large diameter electrical cable with an exposed knife can not only leave you with an unclean cut, but it can damage the cable and can be potentially dangerous to the user. Minimize risk, increase productivity, and get a clean cut every time when you trade out traditional methods for DEWALT's 20V MAX XR Brushless Cable Stripper. With this cable stripper, you will consistently get quick, clean cuts on copper and aluminum cable from 6 AWG to 750 MCM CU and 900 MCM AL. This tool features a depth gauge up to 4 inches for consistent cutting, a variable speed trigger for speed control, an adjustable LED light to provide illumination in dark or low light situations, a quick-release bushing to easily change the bushing depending on cable size, a brushless motor, and an E-Clutch in case the tool becomes jammed. To learn more, contact your Electra Sales of Texas or Tennessee representative or visit DEWALT online at



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