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Easily Replace Traditional HID's With Westgate's LED Tunable Non-Cutoff Wall Packs

Do you need to replace an existing HID wall pack? Look no further than LED Tunable Non-Cutoff Wall Packs from Westgate. These wall packs are the same size as traditional HID wall packs making replacement simple. They are ideal for general site lighting, alleys, loading docks, doorways, pathways, and parking areas. On top of this, these wall packs offer several other features such as the housing being made out of die-cast aluminum with a powder coat finish, a borosilicate glass lens, a 7-year warranty, and a 70,000 hour rated life expectancy. Since these wall packs are tunable, they require a remote control. With the remote, you are easily able to control the light brightness from 0 to 9000 lumens and the warmth of the light from 3000K to 5000K. For more information, contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma representative or visit Westgate online at


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