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Xtend-A-Rack Selects Electra Sales of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee!

Electra Sales is excited to announce that we are now representing Xtend-A-Rack in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee!

In 2005, an Ontario Power Generation employee was severely injured in an arc flash explosion at the Pickering nuclear generating station while racking out a breaker using a standard racking tool. This accident inspired his coworkers to find a breaker racking device that was portable, easy to use, and provided a safer alternative to standing in front of the breaker, but they could not find one. So, they developed and patented the original Xtend-A-Rack for their exclusive use at the Darlington and Pickering nuclear generating stations.

Now partnered with Amidyne Solutions Inc., a second generation Xtend-A-Rack tool has been adapted to work on any breaker, eliminating the need to stand in the arc blast boundary while racking.

Contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Tennessee representative to learn more or visit Xtend-A-Rack online at


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