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Westinghouse's Slim Recessed LED Downlight Features a One-Piece Design and a Shallow Profile

Ideal for ceilings with inadequate space to fit a recessed can, the new 18 Watt Daylight (5000K) 8-Inch Slim Recessed LED Downlight from Westinghouse features a one-piece design and a shallow profile, allowing for easy installations and labor savings when compared to installing a recessed can, trim, and light bulb.

Available to Electra Sales of Oklahoma and Tennessee customers, these recessed downlights have a twist-lock connector and a 13" feed wire between the light and the external driver, allowing for flexible driver positioning. They also have a pre-attached trim to cover any gaps for a seamless look and they have an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with a glare-free, frost finish. Additionally, they are ENERGY STAR rated, have an integrated LED that lasts 50,000 hours, and have a cooler operating temperature than incandescent or halogen light sources, allowing for energy and cost savings.

Contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma or Tennessee representative for more information or visit Westinghouse online at


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