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Upgrade Water and Wastewater Infrastructure with Littelfuse!

As water and wastewater infrastructures age, they must be updated to better protect workers

and equipment. Littelfuse's broad portfolio of relays, monitors, fuses, and more are designed to protect the most critical parts of water and wastewater operations and stand up to harsh

conditions such as vibration, hydrogen-sulfide, extreme temperatures, and humidity.

Whether it be water well systems, water tower pumps, lift stations, pumping stations, or treatment plants, Littelfuse can help make systems upgrades to enhance safety and better protect from shock, ground faults, and arc flash. Additionally, these upgrades can help to increase equipment life, reduce downtime, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Watch Littelfuse's Water and Wastewater capabilities video at, visit them online at, or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative to learn more.


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