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Think Zinc. Think Bridgeport.

Zinc is an easy-to-use, tolerant element that Bridgeport Fittings uses as their go-to-material. They rely on zinc alloy for their products because of the many advantages it offers the electrical industry including meeting or exceeding the same standards as steel, it is lower in total cost compared to steel, has dimensional consistency for high product quality, is inherently corrosion-resistant, and has functional advantages that ensure trouble-free installation.

As a material used in the manufacturing of electrical conduit and cable fittings, zinc alloy is referenced as an acceptable material in numerous specifications including Federal Specifications (A-A-50552, A-A-50553, A-A-50563), Third-Party Certification Standards (UL514B, UL467, CSA C22.2 18.3-04), NEMA Specification Standard (FB-1), and National Electrical Code.

Learn more about Bridgeport's Zinc products by visiting Bridgeport online at or contact your Electra Sales representative today!


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