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Task Lighting's TandemLED Products Allows you to Install Lighting and Worry About the Color Later

TandemLED Lighting products from Task Lighting offer versatility to the end user, contractor, and distributor alike by eliminating the need to settle on one lighting color.

You read correctly - TandemLED allows you to install lighting and worry about the color temperature later. In fact, the white light temperature can be adjusted from Warm White 2700K to Daylight White 5000K and all shades of white in between.

Available to Electra Sales of Oklahoma and Arkansas customers, TandemLED Lighting products are UL Listed and utilize the industry-standard two-wire technology, allowing for fast and simple installations. Comprised of LED Tape, Linear Fixtures, and Puck Lights, each TandemLED product retains a 0-100% dimming control no matter the kelvin temperature, has a 90+ CRI for truer color, has a 30,000 hour LED life at 70% lumens, and can be controlled through a wired controller, wireless controller, smartphone application, or smart home speaker.

For more information, visit Task Lighting online at

or contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma or Arkansas representative.


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