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Take the Frustration out of Installing a Fan Brace With Westinghouse Lighting's Saf-T-Brace

Installing a fan brace should not be a frustrating process and thanks to Westinghouse Lighting, it no longer is!

Available to Electra Sales of Oklahoma and Tennessee customers, the Saf-T-Brace allows you to safely install a ceiling fan or light fixture without access to attic space and provides secure attachment to existing ceiling joists between 16 and 24 inches wide. The mounting brace can be installed in a finished ceiling as long a there is a hole large enough to fit the electrical box making it ideal for both new construction and remodeling.

The Saf-T-Brace can support up to 150 pounds depending on ceiling joist width and it features end pieces with three teeth that twist and lock into ceiling joists providing a strong grip and allowing for quick installations. The Saf-T-Brace also features an all-metal, heavy-duty electrical box with multiple knockouts and a 21.5 cubic inch capacity for bigger projects. It allows for dual mounting and can be positioned anywhere on the brace to fit project needs.

To learn more, contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma or Tennessee representative or visit Westinghouse online at



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