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Take a look at Electri-Flex's reliable food-grade electrical conduit solutions!

Need a reliable food-grade electrical conduit solution suited for food processing, pharmaceutical, and healthcare installations?

Electri-Flex Company's Liquatite Food Grade electrical conduits provide a flexible, liquid-tight protective wiring raceway with four varieties of electrical conduit - Types LAFG, LSSFG, NMFG, and now the LNMP-Food Grade.

🔵 Anti-microbial: Types LAFG, LNMP-Food Grade, and LSSFG are antimicrobial, while NMFG does not promote bacteria growth. The benefit of antimicrobial means the jacketing contains a biocide additive that inhibits the growth of commonly known food processing microbes and even shows a reduction of these microbes over a 24-hour period!

🔵 Blue Jacketing Benefits: Food Processing blue is growing rapidly for use in food processing installations due to its increased safety features. The blue color is not found naturally in food products and, therefore, can be spotted quickly in fast-moving machinery when fragments break off and get into the product stream.

🔵 Wide temperature Range: LAFG, LNMP-Food Grade, and LSSFG offer a wider temperature range, ranging from -37°C to 105°C. These temperatures are critical considerations when installing near freezers, heat-producing food equipment, or with consistently hot washdowns.

For more information, contact your Electra Sales representative of North Texas or Oklahoma for more information, or visit Electri-Flex online at


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