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Stripping Cable is Easier Than Ever With DEWALT's 20V MAX* XR Brushless Cable Stripper

DEWALT's 20V MAX* XR Brushless Cable Stripper cleanly and effectively strips copper and aluminum electrical cable (THHN/XHHW) ranging from 6 AWG to 750 MCM CU and 900 MCM AL.

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas and Tennessee customers, this cable stripper features a depth gauge that consistently strips cable up to 4 in, it has a variable speed trigger with reverse for speed control, and it has an adjustable onboard LED light that helps to provide illumination in dark or low light situations. The Brushless Cable Stripper promotes user safety by eliminating the need for an exposed knife and it has an E-Clutch system that helps the user maintain control of the toll if it becomes jammed. Additionally, it has quick-release bushings that allow you to quickly change bushings for each cable size.

Contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Tennessee representative to learn more or visit DEWALT online at



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