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Stop Wasting Your Time With Short Conduit Cuts. Use Bridgeport's Mighty-Align SLP Series Instead!

Stop wasting time with short conduit cuts! The Mighty-Align SLP Series Steel Slip EMT Connectors from Bridgeport make it easy to install EMT in tight locations and they promote good workmanship!

These connectors feature zinc-plated steel construction, tri-drive screws, and an important sight window to ensure proper conduit engagement for good equipment grounding and bonding. They are UL Listed, available in multiple sizes, and are very easy to install. Simply slide fitting onto conduit to the end stop, position the EMT, and then slide the connector into the K.O. Align the end of the EMT with the sight window for proper pipe engagement, tighten the set screw, and you are done! See it for yourself by watching Bridgeport's informational video at

To learn more, visit Bridgeport online at or contact your Electra Sales representative today!


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