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Stop Wasting Valuable Time and Money With Tool Connect From DEWALT!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Stop wasting valuable time and money with Tool Connect from DEWALT!

Tool Connect is a 3-part inventory management solution designed to easily connect, track, and customize your tools and assets across multiple job sites. With Tool Connect's mobile app or Manager Web Portal, you will enjoy features such as receiving real-time diagnostics on your tools, having the ability to set a virtual fence and get alerts when tracked tools, equipment, or materials are removed from the designated area, deter theft by disabling tools or batteries when they are out-of-range, and instantly see who was last assigned to a tool and where it was.

Tool Connect is built into many DEWALT tools, but if it is not, DEWALT offers Tool Connect batteries, connectors, and tags that can easily be attached to your tools and other important equipment.

To learn more about Tool Connect, contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Tennessee representative today or visit DEWALT online at



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