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Stay in the know with Priority Wire & Cable's Tracer Wire!

Never worry about locating pipes and lines once buried with Priority Wire & Cable's Tracer Wire! 🔌 The use of tracer wire allows for a more accurate dig for repairs, replacement, or maintenance and is excellent for applications such as water, sewer, gas, telecommunication, etc. Each color designates a different use! 🎨

The Tracer Wire is available with CCS (Copper Clad Steel) or Solid Copper inner core with 30 or 45-mil high-density polyethylene (HDHMWPE) insulation. It is intended for direct burial use or in a plastic pipe to detect or trace underground utility lines for gas, water, sewer, telecommunications, or other systems. The temperature rating is -25°C to 75°C.

For more information, contact your Electra Sales representative or visit to learn more!


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