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Service Wire's ServicePRO-X is Slicker, Easy to Strip, and Offers Extra Protection

Not all cable insulations are created equal. Service Wire's ServicePRO-X crosslink single conductors are insulated with XLPE thermoset, a superior insulation that is slicker, easy to strip, and offers extra protection against abrasions and environmental conditions.

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas and Oklahoma customers, ServicePRO-X eliminates the need for pulling lubricant, it is far less toxic than PVC in the event of a fire, and it offers flexibility for close-spaced projects, making it ideal for airports, hospitals, industrial applications, and much more. It is available in a wide range of vibrant, industry-standard colors for easy phase identification. Conductors can also be striped or numbered.

To learn more, visit Service Wire online at https://bit.ly/3yD8Clv or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative today!