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Save Time on Every Installation With Generator Cable From Priority Wire and Cable

With winter on the way, now is the time to stock up on generator cable from Priority Wire & Cable!

Featuring an all-in-one construction, Priority Wire & Cable's multi-conductor generator cables have both power and control wiring under one jacket, simplifying installations and offering significant labor savings.

Generator cable is constructed with three insulated power conductors that are black, white, or red, a green ground conductor, and six control cables, each with its own color code. These conductors are then cabled together and covered with a PVC jacket. Generator Cable is available in three copper versions and one aluminum version to cover a variety of generator power outputs. It is direct burial approved, meets the cold bend test at -40°C, is joist pull rated, sunlight resistant, UL Listed and is suitable for use in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations.

Check out Priority Wire & Cable's informational video at!

Visit Priority Wire & Cable online at for more information or contact your Electra Sales representative today!


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