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Save Energy and add Security with Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors From Intermatic

Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors from Intermatic are designed to save energy, add security, and complement the aesthetics of homes and offices in a variety of applications!

Intermatic offers two different types of occupancy and vacancy sensors: Passive Infrared Technology (PIR) and Dual Technology.

PIR Technology detects heat energy a person generates while motion in contrast to the elements surrounding them such as walls or desks. To detect the presence of a person, PIR needs a line of sight to a person. PIR is best suited for open-room applications such as single-use restrooms, conference rooms, or classrooms.

Dual Technology combines PIR with Ultrasonic Technology. Ultrasonic utilizes wave analysis and Doppler sound waves to detect differences of energy in moving objects. This combination enhances responsiveness for maximum system reliability. These sensors are best in larger, divided applications such as office spaces with cubicles, partitioned restrooms, and libraries.

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