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Remke's PowR-Teck MC Cable Connectors Speed up Installations and Improves Reliability

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The PowR-Teck MC Cable Connector from Remke is a unique one-piece design connector that speeds up installations and improves reliability.

These connectors are smaller than traditional multi-piece connectors making it easy to install in confined areas and allows for closer spacing of multiple connectors.

The PowR-Teck connector feature Remke's PowR-Lock patented design which includes stainless steel tines that ground the connector to the metal-clad cable and provide 360° strain relief. Additional features include a compression ring that provides uniform downward pressure, a large wrenching area, a Spec-Grade aluminum body and nut, and an embedded Viton O-Ring that ensures a liquidtight and corrosion-resistant termination seal.

Learn more by contacting your Electra Sales of North Texas, Oklahoma, or Tennessee representative or by visiting Remke online at


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