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Quickly Connect EMT Conduit With Bridgeport's Mighty-Bite 250-MB and 260-MB Connectors

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Mighty-Bite connectors from Bridgeport Fittings connect EMT conduit faster and easier than ever before. All fittings are installation-ready right out of the box and are approximately 75% faster to use compared to conventional fittings.

The 250-MB connects a properly deburred length of EMT raceway to a box device, panelboard, or similar electrical enclosure and the 260-MB is used to couple two properly deburred lengths of EMT raceway.

To install, firmly push the fitting onto a prepared EMT raceway with a slight twist. In the case that the fitting needs to be removed, simply unthread the 250-MB or 260-MB from the conduit end.

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