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Put safety first with Electri-Flex's Shielded conduit

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas and Oklahoma customers,

Electri-Flex Company's Shielded conduit provides exceptional shielding effectiveness from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI).

Use it to protect sensitive electronic circuits from outside noise in such applications as communications, radar, and data transmission. Shielded conduit doesn’t just keep interference out; it also keeps emissions in.

Additionally, connector assemblies include a grounding ferrule that contacts the conduit’s internal metallic material with the connector body, producing a direct shield-to-drain (ground) simply by tightening the connector. Its flexibility and simple assembly mean it takes less time to install, bringing major labor savings!

For more information, contact your Electra Sales representative of North Texas or Oklahoma or visit Electri-Flex online at to learn more!


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