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Pull faster and easier with Priority-Plex!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT 📢 from Priority Wire & Cable! The new Priority-Plex takes your multiple single-reel XHHW-2 conductors and twists them at the factory making them handle like a single cable.

Priority-Plex™ cables have a smaller/unified diameter than parallel which makes pulling them easier and faster. One pull vs multiple pulls with single reels can result in over 50% labor savings.

Priority-Plex™ is insulated with slick XLPE insulation so no pulling lubricant is required and it holds up better to the handling of the cable during installation. For sizes 1/0 and larger the plexed unified diameter may allow you to use smaller cable trays.

Check out the highlights! 👇

💥 Easier, Faster Pulls

💥 Smaller OD than Parallel

💥 Requires Lower Pulling Force

💥 Available With and Without Grounds

💥 No Pulling Lubricant Needed

💥 Saves Storage Space

Contact your local Electra Sales representative or visit Priority Wire & Cable online at for more information.


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