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Priority Wire & Cable Saves you Time and Money With Value-Added Services

With value-added services such as striping, paralleling, and pulling eye installations, you will be able to save time and money on every job with Priority Wire & Cable!

Priority Wire & Cable offers striping capabilities in both Spiral striping up to 2 AWG and Longitudinal striping up to 750 MCM, eliminating old methods to distinguish cable. Your wire and cable can also arrive ready to pull when you have Priority Wire & Cable parallel and install pulling eyes for you. Simply combine multiple conductors of aluminum XHHW or THHN in any vibrant jacket color, and Priority Wire & Cable will do the rest. Last but not least, Priority Wire & Cable can get your order to you fast! With 16 warehouses strategically placed throughout the U.S. and one in Canada, Priority can provide same-day shipping with short shipping times or immediate pickup, allowing you to get started on your job faster.

Contact your Electra Sales representative to learn more or visit Priority Wire & Cable online at


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