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Priority Wire & Cable's Type MC-VC is Ideal for Smart Building, LED and Fluorescent Dimming Projects

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Type MC-VC Commercial Lighting Cable from Priority Wire & Cable is ideal for your next Smart Building or LED and Fluorescent dimming project.

MC-VC is suitable for use as branch circuits, feeders, or lighting cable in both exposed and concealed environments or in cable trays in accordance with the applicable sections of the National Electrical Code.

MC-VC is constructed from solid soft drawn bare copper conductors and grounds, and the control conductors are two 16AWG Type TFN that are twisted together and covered with an overall blue polyvinylchloride jacket, it is insulated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) / nylon overcoated type THHN/THWN, and has an aluminum interlocking armor with a purple stripe is that is applied over the cable assembly. The control assembly, power conductors, and ground conductor are all cabled together and securely wrapped with a mylar binding tape.

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