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Priority Wire & Cable Releases All-New Generator Cable Video!

Priority Wire & Cable released an all-new video about their all-in-one Generator Cable! Learn how Generator Cable allows for quick and easy installations of residential generators and how it offers additional labor savings!

Watch the informational video at https://bit.ly/3zp4Hct!

This cable is constructed with three insulated power conductors that are black, white, or red, a green ground conductor, and six control cables each with their own color code. These conductors are then cabled together and covered with a PVC jacket. Generator Cable is available in three copper versions and one aluminum version to cover a variety of generator power outputs. It is direct burial approved, meets the cold bend test at -40°C, joist pull rated, sunlight resistant, UL Listed, and suitable for use in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations.

Visit Priority Wire & Cables online at https://bit.ly/3vpJ60t or contact your Electra Sales representative for more information.