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Picoma's SpeedCouple Saves you Time and Eliminates Frustration!

Did you know that all of Picoma's products are made in the United States? Their products are manufactured in Cambridge, Ohio, from conduit stock that is produced in-house! Picoma offers a variety of products ranging from couplings, nipples, and elbows to their labor-saving SpeedCouple pre-installed Elbows.

The SpeedCouple pre-installed elbow coupling quickly connects rigid metal conduit in tight spaces. Traditionally, contractors have had to rely on cumbersome three-piece couplings when installing elbows in tight spaces, but thanks to the SpeedCouple, this process takes half the time! Just turn the coupling, not the elbow, and the lead-in threads do most of the work.

Boost your productivity by learning more! Contact your Electra Sales representative today or visit Picoma online at


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