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Picoma has Your Steel EMT, Rigid Conduit, and Aluminum Rigid Conduit Elbow Needs Covered!

With their wide range of 100% domestically manufactured elbows, Picoma has your steel EMT, rigid conduit, and aluminum rigid conduit elbow needs covered!

EMT elbows are available in 90° and 45° galvanized steel, they are available in ½–4 trade sizes, comply with ANSI C80.3, and are UL-797 listed.

Steel rigid conduit elbows are available in 90° galvanized steel, are available in ½–6 trade sizes, can also be used with intermediate metal conduit (IMC), comply with ANSI C80.1, and UL-6 listed.

Rigid aluminum conduit elbows are designed for lighter-weight aluminum electrical systems, they are available in 90° and 45°, comply with ANSI C80.5, are available in ½–6 trade sizes, and are UL-6A listed.

Picoma even has your large elbow radius needs covered! Large radius elbows are available sizes include 72", 96", 120", 144", and 150".

Contact your Electra Sales representative to learn more or visit Picoma online at


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