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Ouellet's OTP-C Offers Efficient Heating and Cooling in New Builds and Retrofit Applications

The Champagne Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump, or the OTP-C, from Ouellet uses a thermodynamic principle to transfer heat from place to place. In winter, they extract heat energy from the air outside and release it indoors. In summer, they extract heat from the indoor air and transfer it to the outdoors.

Commonly known as a "mini-split", these units do not require ventilation ducts like central systems. Instead, they are comprised of an outdoor unit (condenser) and an interior unit (evaporator) that are connected to each other by refrigerant pipes and power wires which go through a small opening in the wall.

Due to their innovative design, wall-mounted ductless heat pumps are a more efficient heating and cooling option because there is no loss of energy due to the passage of air through ventilation ducts. In fact, heating with a high-performance heat pump provides approximately 4 times more heat for the same energy consumptions as a resistive system.

Additionally, these units are ideal for retrofit applications where it is difficult to run ventilation ducts in existing walls and ceilings and they provide end-users with the means of individual control of each room, optimizing comfort while reducing energy consumption.

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The Champagne Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump (OTP-C) from Ouellet is an efficient heating and cooling solution, transferring heat without the need for ducts. This "mini-split" system delivers four times more heat per energy unit than traditional resistive systems and is perfect for retrofits, minimizing energy loss and reducing the frequency of AC Repairs.

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