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Orbit's Rooftop Pedestal Post Wins 2021 NECA SHOWSTOPPER Award

The Rooftop Pedestal Post from Orbit recently won the 2021 NECA SHOWSTOPPER award and it is easy to understand why!

Available to our Electra Sales of Arkansas and Tennessee customers, Rooftop Pedestal Posts are an innovative solution for installing outlets or safety switches on flat, commercial roofs and they offer labor savings and convenience on new construction and retrofits.

These stand-alone NEMA 3R Listed raceways serve power to nearly 99% of all common rooftop equipment, require only one rooftop penetration, do not require extra bracing, and are available in 30" and 60" heights. Rooftop Pedestal Posts allow conduit to be routed below the roof-line reducing the number of roof penetrations needed, improving aesthetics, and helping to maintain rooftop integrity.

Contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas or Tennessee representative to learn more or visit Orbit online at



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