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New product alert! Take a look at Cerrowire's MC Cable.

📢 NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Cerrowire introduces a new product to its lineup: Metal-Clad Cable with two-, three- or four-circuit THHN/THWN conductors and a green insulated ground. Cerrowire's innovative exterior coding system is highly visible and designed so electricians can quickly and easily identify what’s inside the armor and more.

Key features include:

✅ Chevron Colors: Indicate the number & color of conductors

✅ Chevron Direction: Indicates the recommended pull direction for quick installation

✅ Cable Size: Indicates wire gauge & the number of conductors

✅ Footage Marker: Black line = aluminum armor

✅ True Sequential Footage: Shown every two feet

Contact your North Texas and Oklahoma Electra Sales representative for more information, or visit Cerrowire at


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