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Need an Emergency Lamp That Self-Tests and Self-Diagnoses? Aleddra has you Covered!

Available to Electra Sales of Arkansas customers, Aleddra's self-testing/self-diagnosing T8 and T5 lamps are excellent emergency lighting options that offer labor-saving advantages.

During a power outage, these T8 and T5 lamps will last over 90 minutes on battery, providing optimal lighting during emergency situations. More importantly, the lamp will automatically self-test for 30 seconds monthly and for 90 minutes annually, thus meeting the emergency lighting audit requirements with no labor cost. Should any malfunction be detected during self-testing, such as insufficient battery capacity, the warning indicator on the lamp will flash and alert the team, saving a facility management team a tremendous amount of labor from manually testing every single lamp.

Visit Aleddra online at or contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas representative to learn more.


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