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Moltec Protects Wire and Cable With a Large Breadth of Flexible Conduit, Fittings, and Connectors

Have you checked out Moltec's innovative wire and cable protection solutions? Moltec offers a large breadth of flexible conduit and a wide range of fittings and connectors to protect wire and cable for our Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma customers.

Offered in a variety of configurations and suitable for many applications, Moltec's flexible nylon conduit easily keeps wire and cable protected. It is available in sizes 1/4in to 5in, is highly flexible for static and dynamic environments, has excellent mechanical strength, and is impact resistant. It is also UV resistant and meets all smoke, flame, and toxicity standards.

To make it so wire and cable never go unprotected, Moltec's fittings and connectors are tamper-proof, are constructed from high-grade polyamide, are easy to install, and have excellent impact strength. These fittings and connectors are available in several different threads, available in 90º, 45º, straight, Y’s, T’s and backshell configurations, and they are available in IP66/NEMA4X to IP69K/NEMA6P.

Learn more by visiting Moltec online at or by contacting your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative!


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