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Measure Current Without Having to Contact Live Conductors With Sperry's Snap Around Clamp Meter!

The Snap-Around clamp meter from Sperry Instruments is a 10-function, 26-range auto-ranging unit engineered to measure up to 400A AC/DC current, 600V AC/DC voltage, 40 Mohm resistance, frequency, capacitance, diode test, and continuity.

Similar to digital multimeters, clamp meters offer a large range of functions and include LCD screens to display results, but they offer the additional unique ability to measure current without having to contact live conductors! Additional features include:

- Data hold and relative measurement capability to maintain reading on the display

- Auto power off functionality to save battery life

- Compact, lightweight design to fit into any tool belt or small area

- Includes a convenient carrying case to protect the meter and keep it clean

- Audible alert and bright LED visual indication for easy identification

To learn more, visit Sperry Instruments online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Arkansas, or Tennessee representative!


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