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Maximize Application Flexibility While Reducing Inventory Costs With Edward Signaling's LED Beacons!

Maximize application flexibility while reducing inventory costs with the 125 Class XBR XTRA-BRITE LED Beacons from Edwards Signaling!

Available to our Electra Sales of North Texas and Oklahoma customers, these beacons are UL and cUL Listed dual mode signaling devices. They are available in two versions, Steady-On/Flashing (125XBRM) and Steady-On/Lightburst (125XBRZ). Both versions feature a corrosion-resistant Type 4X enclosure and can be panel or conduit mounted. The base is manufactured from a 33% glass-filled nylon, providing high resistance to heat and high chemical resistivity. The lens is made of shatter resistance polycarbonate. Both the Steady-On/Flashing LED and Steady-On/Lightburst LED beacons are available with either a black or gray base, and amber, blue, green, red, or white lens. Additionally, these beacons are available in 24V DC or 120V AC, are immune to shock and vibration, and have an operating temperature of -31F to 150F.

Learn more by visiting Edwards Signaling online at or by contacting your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative!



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