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Looking for Structural Poles? SES Lighting has you Covered

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Looking for structural poles? Available to Electra Sales of North Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee customers, SES Lighting is proud to offer custom engineered poles for your next sports, interstate, or street lighting project.

SES Lighting's structural poles are available up to 175' to meet any state's standards and pre-wired solutions are available to control your installation costs. SES Lighting utilizes lowering devices with quality components and engineering so maintenance activities are never compromised. Additionally, their pole raising and quick-base systems connect the base and pole with a hinged structure, allowing for light fixtures to be mounted at ground level. These systems do not require cranes or heavy equipment that may damage sports playing surfaces. These systems also allow for cleaning maintenance of fixtures without using a lift.

To learn more about SES Lighting's structural poles, visit them online at or contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas orTennessee customers.



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