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Light Efficient Design Introduces the all-new UV-C Tower Germicidal Fixture

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The all-new UV-C Tower Germicidal Fixture with a 253.7nm wavelength from Light Efficient Design effectively kills surface and airborne pathogens up to 2,000 sq feet!

Perfect for applications such as hotels, schools, and theaters, these UV-C fixtures are portable, compact, and can easily be wheeled to the desired location. They are designed with safety in mind and feature an integrated motion sensor that will detect any movement and immediately deactivate the fixture if someone mistakenly walks into the space while the light is on. These fixtures can be turned on with a remote and can be set to run for 30 mins, 60 mins or 120 mins.

Contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas representative for additional information or visit Light Efficient Design online at


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