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Kidde's Worry-Free Carbon Monoxide Alarms have a 40% Longer Lifespan Than Other Plug-In CO Alarms!

Carbon monoxide (CO) can be produced by any appliance not powered by electricity, such as stoves and water heaters. Since it cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted, the best way to detect CO is through installing CO alarms.

Kidde Fire Safety’s WORRY-FREE CO alarm is simple to install with an easy plug-in application. This CO alarm comes equipped with a 10-year sealed lithium battery backup to provide power in the case of outages and it features a digital display to show any detected CO levels. This CO alarm is UL Listed, has a 10-year limited warranty, and has a 10-year operational life providing a 40% longer lifespan than other plug-in CO alarms.

Learn everything that these CO alarms have to offer by visiting Kidde online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas representative.


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