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Keep Data Centers up and Running With Pipe Tracing Solutions From Delta-Therm!

Data centers especially feel the weight of responsibility for business continuity in today’s hyper-connected world. Keeping data centers up and running is considered mission-critical for a growing majority of businesses now and going forward. Delta-Therm's industry-leading heat trace solutions are used to keep data centers cool and dry so they can remain up and running 24/7.

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas customers, pipe tracing consists of braided cables that replace the heat lost through the pipe insulation and help to maintain the pipe temperature at or above 40° F. Installing electric heating cables on all applicable drain lines and gutter systems will always maintain a clear drainage path to grade.

Learn more about how pipe tracing can keep data centers operational by checking out Delta-Therm's white paper at

Visit Delta-Therm online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas representative for more information.


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