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Intermatic's ARISTA Delivers Contractor-Friendly Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Technology

With so many smart lighting control options, it's understandable why contractors are often left scratching their heads when deciding which technology to choose for their next project.

Intermatic is making this decision easier with the introduction of their ARISTA Advanced Lighting Control System. Unlike other communication protocols, it does not require additional steps during setup and it does not connect via a standard Wi-Fi network, minimizing the risk of unexpected resets and other performance issues due to local area network failures. Instead, ARISTA utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 mesh wireless technology that is specifically designed for industrial and commercial applications. It is a secure communication protocol that provides seamless communication, ease of installation, and energy efficiency.

By combing Bluetooth 5.0 mesh technology with the versatility of ARISTA sensors, room controllers, and dimmers, installers can support a wide range of commercial projects with a single solution.

To learn more, visit Intermatic online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative.


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