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Installing Delta-Therm's Pipe Trace Helps to Keep Data Centers Cool

Using heat to keep something cool may seem counterintuitive, but it is exactly how data servers around the world are kept up and running all the time. A key aspect of keeping these centers operational is making sure they stay cool and dry with the addition of reliable cooling systems, but with this addition, there is a potential risk of cooling failure. One of the most practical and efficient safeguards against cooling failure is the strategic installation of electric heating cable on pipes, gutters, drains, ducts and vents.

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas customers, Delta-Therm's pipe tracing replaces the heat lost through the pipe insulation and help to maintain the pipe temperature at or above 40° F. Installing electric heating cables on all applicable drain lines and gutter systems will always maintain a clear drainage path to grade.

Learn more about how Delta-Therm can be used in your next data center project by visiting them online at


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