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Installing Cable Trough Systems Have Never Been Easier Thanks to Chalfant's RKS-Magic Cable Trough!

Updated: Mar 17

Are you looking for a versatile cable trough? Chalfant Manufacturing has you covered! Available to our Electra Sales of Arkansas and Tennessee customers, RKS-Magic cable trough system allows for quick installations with screwless connectors. Just connect the ends of the cable trough, lock them in place - and you're done! The long-lasting, static straight connectors can even be permanently stabilized by bending the connection flaps. The RKS-Magic cable trough is available in 1" and 2" side heights, includes a comprehensive range of fittings with bends, tees, add-on tees, and cross-overs completes the system, has 90-degree bends and vertical risers (rising/falling) available for vertical changes or direction, and also includes multiple different kinds of connectors and accessories. Visit Chalfant online at https://bit.ly/2XocqqI or contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas or Tennessee representative to learn more.